Safety Mats and Industrial Runners

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Safety Matting

Safety Mats and Industrial Runners can run the gamut from anti-slip traction pads to recycled vinyl tiles.A fast, easy, effective way to improve traction and keep inclines, steps, and wet areas safer is to apply abrasive safety mats (anti-slip traction pads) onto potentially slippery or skid-prone areas. These adhesive safety mats are available in nine different sized rolls.

Safety Trax are embedded with silicon carbide grit in them are adhesive safety mats similar to the anti-slip traction pads. Additionally, long vinyl safety mats that are resistant to common chemicals are also available. These runner safety mats are especially useful in aisles, vending areas, industrial passageways, warehouses, and storage areas.

One example of these high traction safety mats is the diamond embossed (or round rib) Diamond Plate Runner. Constructed of solid PVC compound, the size of these safety mats can be customized, according to your needs. Another of our heavy-duty safety mats is the corrugated rubber runner with ribbed surface. Although two standard rolled sizes are available of these safety mats, custom cuts will gladly be provided on request. We also carry a slip resistant pebble-embossed runner — the Pro-Tekt – that serves as high performing safety mats.

We have some safety mats that are to complicated with all the different options to list for sale over the Internet! Here are some features of our top quality Diamond Plate line: Provides floor protection in high traffic areas. Anti-slip surface to reduce slips and falls. Is resistant to household and industrial chemicals. Stain resistant, flame retardant, and self-extinguishing. Yellow edge meets OSHA 1910-144.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The following cleaning and maintenance instructions are recommended to ensure the product maintains its desired appearance and effective performance, as well as ensuring a long life span for the product.

Dry Areas
1. Shake dirt from mat and remove mat from service area.
2. Vacuum or sweep dirt from service area.
3. If needed, flush both sides of mat with warm water to remove remaining dirt.
4. Allow safety mats to dry flat before placing it back into service.

Wet Areas
1. Hose both sides of mat with warm water.

Periodic Maintenance
Severely soiled matting can be restored to a high level of appearance with one of the following cleaning methods. Pre-spray mat with a low foaming, all purpose cleaner. (For heavy grease buildup, use a water-based cleaner-degreaser.) Allow cleaning solution to dwell on mat for 3 to 5 minutes. Brush with a nylon bristle scrub brush. Flush mat with hot water and allow to dry flat before placing it back into service!


Clean the mat using a high-pressure washer with low foaming general purpose cleaner. Flush mat with hot water and allow to dry flat before placing it back into service!

Industrial Mats

If you require any industrial mats, you have found the right place! We offer several different types of industrial mats to provide you with a safe responsible workplace or home! If you do not see the industrial matting you are looking for give us a call at:
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