Workplaces will see benefits of anti-fatigue mats

Anti-fatigue mats help all workplaces.

Anti-fatigue mats are a great addition to any workspace. For warehouse managers, adding anti-fatigue mats to the floor of highly-trafficked areas can help prevent slips or falls while on the job. For employees who are on their feet all day in the warehouse, anti-fatigue mats can serve as an extra cushion to help relieve any joint pain that typically comes with standing.

Additionally, the restaurant business could see a lot of benefits from anti-fatigue mats. With faced-paced kitchens, it can be easy to spill something that can’t be cleaned up in time before someone falls. Anti-fatigue mats add an extra layer of traction that helps people stand their ground as they move quickly around the foodservice area.

Nurses who frequently have to work long hours, running from patient to patient may find that taking a break with anti-fatigue mats behind the nurse’s station can help relieve muscle pain that comes with being busy on your feet in the late hours. Staying hydrated can also help loosen the muscles and complete the tasks at hand.

Workplaces that are prone to spills, such as mechanic shops, which can cover their floors in oil may find that the easy-to-clean anti-fatigue mats are a great way to keep the floor looking new even when there’s an accidental spill.

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Use anti-fatigue mats to help with standing desks

Anti-fatigue mats are great to pair with standing desks.

If you’re working in a job that requires a lot of sitting at a desk, you may notice that you need to take frequent breaks to stretch your legs. However, even if you’re extremely active everywhere except at work, you may find that you’re still unable to make up for staying seated all day.

One way to help combat a sedentary life is using a standing desk. According to the National, standing desks can help alleviate people who feel the effects of staying seated most of the day, and there are models available that move from sitting to standing desks, allowing an employee to make adjustments throughout the day.

However, you may find if you stand for too long, your feet start to hurt. Anti-fatigue mats are a great complement to a standing desk, because they provide an extra cushion to people who stand for a while. The padding is a great way to relieve pain.

You can also do foot exercises to help combat the pain. Healthline suggests standing on a step and raising your heels so you can help stretch your calves, which can tighten the more you stand. Doing this 10 times can help loosen the muscle, causing relief.

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Stay alert while on the job

Reduce the chances of falling at work.

If it’s a busy time at work, chances are you might find yourself trying to keep up the pace while not paying attention to where you’re looking. However, while you think you might be being efficient while on the job, you could actually be affecting your productivity if you suddenly trip, fall and hurt yourself.

Safety and Health Magazine reports it can be common for employees to injure themselves while on the job because they aren’t looking where they are going. Additionally, the news provider reports sometimes if an employee trips over something, he or she may think that someone else will deal with it, making it a hazard for everyone else. Instead, it should be reported immediately, or if the employee is able, take care of it themselves.

According to EHS Today, falls in the workplace can cost up to $70 billion each year, so it’s important for managers to discuss the importance of looking out for any hazards. Additionally, having anti-fatigue mats can help reduce the number of falls, as they provide more traction than a regular floor, which could ultimately reduce the chances of slipping on something. If you have heavy-trafficked areas in the workplace, consider putting the anti-fatigue mats there in order to reduce the slipperiness that comes with foot traffic.

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Could standing meetings make for a productive day?

Having a standing meeting could make it more productive.

Would you ever consider having a meeting on an anti-fatigue mat? With lots of research pointing to the benefits of standing while on the job, you may want to consider ditching the standing desk in favor of stretching your legs during a meeting.

Meetings happen all the time in the workplace, and sometimes a day that’s packed with colleague brainstorms could mean a lot of time in a chair. However, breaking things up a bit and having a standing meeting could be the solution you’re looking for to stretch your legs while still being productive.

Not only could standing meetings help you stretch your legs, it could also help the meeting run smoothly. According to NBC Right Now, in a recent study involving standing meetings, participants who were standing felt more confident during the meeting and also found that they were wrapped up much quicker. However, there was some awkwardness if other people in the meeting chose to stay seated.

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, it’s important for workplaces to strike a balance between standing and sitting during the workday. This way, employees can feel free to move around and switch things up.

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