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Is your office designed for employee wellness?

When you’re designing your office, do you think about how it affects your employees’ well-being? It goes beyond having an entrance mat to reduce the chances of someone slipping and falling as they enter the building. Interior design can have … Continue reading

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Think about workplace layout for employee benefits

Making sure employees feel satisfied with their work environment is important. When they’re walking on top of the entrance mat day in and day out, do they feel excited to come to work? Or are they just plugging along? The … Continue reading

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Build an effective brand identity for your business

Do you have a strong identity for your brand? Think about the logo that goes on your entrance mat, the colors of your office, the text displayed on your business cards. Everything should feed into what you’re trying to convey … Continue reading

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When designing your office, stay in budget

When you’re planning out the space for your employees, it’s easy to get away from your set budget plans. Building a new office space goes beyond picking out logo mats and furniture, although that’s important too. The entire layout can … Continue reading

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