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Standing for prolonged periods could be linked to health risks

When you’re standing at work for long hours each day, you may find that you have joint pain by the time your shift has ended. While anti-fatigue mats can help ease the physical stress that comes from standing for prolonged … Continue reading

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Keep employees more engaged for higher safety rates

Do you have anti-fatigue mats around the workspace? Not only can these mats provide comfort to those who are on their feet all day, but can also provide traction when things get busy in the workplace. It’s easy to trip … Continue reading

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The restaurant industry continues to be a major job supplier

There are always trends in employment depending on the sector, but one industry that has seen a lot of different workers is the restaurant industry. Countless people have walked the anti-fatigue mats of the kitchen at one point in their … Continue reading

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Focus on posture while at work

Sitting at work for long hours in the day can have a negative impact on overall health. While getting anti-fatigue mats and placing them around standing desks is a great way to encourage taking the time to stretch out the … Continue reading

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