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Add some personalization to your lobby

Trying to make the right impression with your office lobby? Little details matter. Think about adding logo mats to the entrance as a way to greet guests and also provide a sense of personal detail. An office space can easily … Continue reading

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Set up your lobby for success

You want to bring in the right customers and employees to your business, so you need to make sure you make the right impression. Make sure you’re giving off the right impression by having a luxury entrance mat at your … Continue reading

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Entrance mats have multiple positive uses

When you’re trying to make a good impression while also looking after the safety of your guests, entrance mats are a great way to do both. You can customize entrance mats to include your logo and branding, so guests know … Continue reading

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Pay extra attention to safety and falling hazards during the winter months

The winter season means it’s a lot easier to accidentally slip and fall due to the ice and snow buildup, not only leaving the outside walkways a hazard, but the inside as well. Getting entrance mats can be a great … Continue reading

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