Working the night shift? Try to make it comfortable

Help ease the pain on joints.

Help ease the pain on joints.

Standing for long hours at work can take a toll on the joints, and if workers aren’t careful, they’ll really start to notice the aches and pains in time. However, managers can help alleviate this stress by putting anti-fatigue mats on the floor to help reduce the pressure to the joints that can come from concrete floors. Those who monitor the night shift may want to pay extra close attention to this little extra, as it could go a long way in preventing employee pain.

According to Psych Central, those who suffer from a lack of sleep could have worse knee pain than if they were working normal hours. There have been numerous studies about the dangers of working the night shift, because the body isn’t used to keeping different hours for sleeping and eating than intended. The news provider points out the lack of sleep actually highlights the pain, so those who may be suffering from stiff joints could notice it more.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that working the night shift can be associated with too little sleep and the health problems that come with it. The news provider reports that those who work overnight reported having short sleep duration.

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