Does your logo communicate your brand vision?

What is the best graphical representation of your brand?

What is the best graphical representation of your brand?

Do you have a strong logo that best represents everything your company stands for? Many businesses often struggle with how to best communicate their message to the masses, but a logo can go a long way. By incorporating it into everything from your entryway mat to business cards, it can really become a part of brand identity.

Business 2 Community suggests taking the time to really think about the kind of message you want your logo to convey. Think about what color scheme would best represent your company, for example. Colors can actually invoke certain emotions – think red for energy, blue for calm and so on. Adding even a pop of color can help a logo stand out against a plain backdrop.

Additionally, the news provider suggests thinking about how a logo can stand the test of time. While there will always be design trends, taking the time to conceptualize how your brand could change over time can give you insight into the right design.

Mashable suggests picking a logo that is visually appealing for a lot of different scenarios. Whether it’s on a logo mat, printed out or on a sign, you always want it to look good. Try it against a number of different background colors beforehand to make sure it’s the right one.

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