Adjusting to a busy restaurant season with new Kitchen Mats

The holiday season is a busy one for most sectors, but the food industry may be seeing an especially large increase in traffic. With the heightened number of customers, kitchen staff may want to lay down some anti-fatigue mats to keep the longer shifts bearable on the feet. Because restaurants are working with fewer days during the holiday season, they could make up for it in hours.

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the country’s restaurants are expecting a surge in business during the holiday season. However, because there are six fewer days due to a late Thanksgiving, many restaurant owners are finding themselves having to get creative with their planning, so all consumers can leave happy.

Restaurant managers told the news provider that because stores are staying open longer to bring in the crowds, certain restaurant establishments may consider following suit in order to increase their customer traffic.

This trend isn’t surprising, according to the National Restaurant Association, approximately 79 million people were expected to dine out on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Going out to eat during the holiday season has become a popular pastime for many, particularly families without homes big enough to host a number of members. It also takes all the hassle out of planning a large meal. Chefs will need to be on their toes in the coming weeks in order to deal with demand.

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