Make stair safety a priority to reduce falls

Ensure the stairs are always clear.

Ensure the stairs are always clear.

A fall in the workplace can be a major issue for both the worker and the employer. It could lead to an injury, a leave of absence or even a worker’s compensation claim. It’s in the best interest of the organization as well as all of its employees to make safety a priority, and that means reducing falls.

One way to reduce falls is to look at the stairs. Rubber treads can provide an extra grip for shoes, making it more difficult to slip. According to Safety and Health Magazine, in addition to making sure there are always clear pathways for people, installing anti-slip flooring can go a long way in fall prevention. The news provider suggests that this kind of grip is also ideal when dealing with areas that can’t always be cleaned immediately. This way, if there is a lot of traffic in the stairwell drudging up dirt, water and other excess materials, the flooring still retains its grip.

Still, the stairs themselves need to be free of any tripping hazards. According to EHS Daily Advisor, people tend to trip when there are unexpected items in their path. To avoid this, it’s important to make sure the stairs are cleared at all times. Managers may also want to consider putting safety signs in the stairwell reminding employees to hold onto the railing.

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