Use entrance mats to reduce the amount of falls in your office building

Waterhog Classic Entrance Mats

How do you reduce slips?

Are you using entrance mats as a way to reduce the amount of falls that happen in your office? If not, you could be putting your company at risk. Falls on your premises can be a drain on your resources as you have to handle any medical expenses or other litigation. Reducing the amount of falling hazards should be a high priority, and mats can help you do that, since they can help reduce the amount of moisture that’s tracked in.

You will want to get a lot of water absorbent mats in order to set them up across the work space. You can get varied with what each mat has. For example, you could have logo mats in your entryway to greet guests and your workers with your brand. Throughout the hallways and common walking areas, some simple mats will do. Consider choosing colors that go with your brand theme, this will work well with your other office decorations.

If there’s a lot more moisture being tracked in, you’ll want safety signs to tell people to proceed with caution. Keeping people in the know is important, since they’ll be a lot more cautious when moving around.

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