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Fall fatalities in the workplace are on the rise

Worker safety is one of the largest focuses within any organization. Signs, rubber treads on stairs to reduce slips, mats in entryways and warning labels are all ways that managers can do their part to ensure their employees are informed … Continue reading

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Use stair safety when working in the warehouse

In order to keep all of a company’s inventory in one place, many businesses buy huge warehouses that can store all available goods, as well as any store display or other things they might need. However, in order to make … Continue reading

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Treat your stairs with rubber stair treads to keep employees safe

The workplace can be a busy environment, with employees bustling about trying to complete all of their daily tasks. However, worker safety is always a priority no matter how busy things get. It’s important to take extra precautions for worker … Continue reading

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Manage restaurant costs smartly

Restaurant managers have to stay on top of their establishment to keep costs under control. This means buying extra anti-fatigue mats and worker safety gear to keep injuries at bay and costly accidents down. Managers may even come up with … Continue reading

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