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Part-time restaurant work a growing trend

The restaurant industry employs millions of people each year, whether for seasonal help, a full-time gig or people looking to make a little extra cash. Those who walk along the rubber mats of the kitchen aren’t necessarily always looking to … Continue reading

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Rubber mats can add an extra layer of protection from falls.

Slips and falls are risky no matter what age or profession you are, but there are some people who are more susceptible to long-term injuries. Having rubber mats in any establishment can help reduce the chances that someone will slip … Continue reading

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Think about your company logo mat!

When thinking about your brand, how much do you put into the company logo? The logo goes on everything from all of your business cards, to your entryway mat to your front door. The logo is how all of your … Continue reading

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There are multiple benefits to rubber stair treads

Stair treads can do a lot in keeping people safe. They offer easy grip so even people with the most slippery of footwear have a little something extra protecting them as they walk up and down flights. Additionally, heavily trafficked … Continue reading

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