Does your brand speak through logo mat or symbol?

Brand representation is everything, but how does it resonate with your consumer base? When designing a logo for your logo mat and posting company collateral around the office, you want to think long and hard about what you want to represent visually. Figuring out how to execute it is where it can get tricky.

Fast Company reports it’s important to know the difference between a logo and a symbol. What is really representing your brand? A logo features words, so brands like Coca-Cola and Fed-Ex would be considered to have logos. On the other hand, sharper companies like Apple the Red Cross are more known by symbols of, you guessed it, an apple and a red cross.

The news provider is quick to point out that some companies have a combination. Starbucks, for example, features both the siren and its brand name in its marketing campaign.

Now it’s time to figure out what works for your brand. How do you want to represent yourself to make the business recognizable to your customers and peers? Newsday tends to lean more toward a design that makes you instantly recognizable, similar to the McDonald’s golden arches. Think about the service you provide to your customers and whether or not your company name can be represented by a symbol.

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