Designing an office on a small business budget


Let your logo do the talking in your design.

When launching your own business , a lot of work goes into the design of the professional space. You want to make sure that you’re impressing both potential clients and hires, but may not have the significant budget necessary to cultivate a professional and formal setting.

Venture Burn suggests that you keep your company’s logo a major part of the design process. By purchasing logo mats, signage, dishes and other materials that can help bring some personality to the office space, you’re leaving a lasting impression, according to the news provider. This kind of design can also help employees buy into the company culture. If they’re constantly surrounded by reminders of the business, they might buy in to the company’s mission.

Going even past the logo, you may want to make the entire color scheme based around company colors. Entrepreneur reports you should take a look at your logo and figure out what the color scheme is. Using this hue, translate it to all stationary, walls, furniture and other company items. A color scheme can reflect the overall theme of your branding message, adding to the potential décor opportunities of your office. Just be sure to greet people with your logo mat as soon as they walk in the door.

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