Choosing an office design that fits your business

Get personal with your entrance mat.

Get personal with your entrance mat.

You want your office to make a statement. A customized entrance mat can help inform visitors of your company. You want to make sure your branding is present as soon as someone enters, and a customized entryway mat can help with this. The rest of your lobby might want to take a more neutral approach to really make the mat stand out.

According to FastCo Design, while there’s a growing trend for pops of color around the office space, some trendsetters are looking to get back to a neutral palette. The news provider reports this particularly works for companies in the creative space, because bold design on top of bold projects can overwhelm a visitor. Instead, choosing neutral surroundings can be a calming effect.

Another trend in the office space is allowing open work environments. More companies are letting their employees choose where they want to sit for a more collaborative environment. In addition to having an open seat policy, Fast Company reports more businesses are choosing to create specified lounge areas, so employees can take a break from their desk and catch up with their peers. This can give an overall more casual feel to the office, allowing employees and guests to relax.

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