Sales can bring customers into your store in the spring, make sure your entrance mat is clean and fresh.

Now that spring is here, it’s the perfect time to hold a sale to get people back into your store. People tend to shop when there is nicer weather, since it’s more convenient for them to get out of the house. You may want to consider a new entrance mat outside your store that perfectly showcases spring.

Choosing a mat in a bright color will certainly be eye-catching and can help you draw in the big crowds. You’ll also want to look into other ways you can greet potential consumers.

If you’re having a sale, be sure to have signs outside of the store advertising your promotions. Sandwich boards are great for this, and can be set up at a distance so people who are simply passing by will take note.

Additionally, you want to put a salesperson at the entryway, either on the entrance mat or just behind it. This person can greet each customer as he or she enters and discuss the promotions in the store. These greeters can also determine the customers’ needs and send them to the right location as needed. It’s best to have a seasoned professional in charge of this task, since they’ll have a better idea of the store layout.

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