Getting exercise on the stairs while on the job

Are your stairs equipped for exercise?

Are your stairs equipped for exercise?

When on the job, it can be difficult for people to get the recommended amount of exercise in. However, taking the time to walk up stairs rather than take the elevator can do wonders for overall physical health. Managers will want to encourage this exercise by installing rubber vinyl stair treads to ensure that workers are safe as they travel up different flights. Stairs are commonplace for accidents, so making sure they’re slip-resistant is crucial for safety.

Not everyone has time to go for long walks in order to boost their physical fitness, so they need to get creative with their workouts. According to The New York Times, slowly climbing stairs requires almost twice as much energy per minute as walking on a flat surface quickly.

There has been a lot of talk that people need to reach 10,000 steps a day in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Taking the stairs rather than the elevator is just one of the ways to meet the goal. However, New York Magazine says that the 10,000 steps idea is really more of a guidance and not necessarily the final word. No matter how many steps workers are able to get through in the day, they should be done safely.

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