Keeping clean office floors during the winter

Mats inside and outside can make a difference.

Mats inside and outside can make a difference.

The winter means lots of moisture outside that can easily be tracked in, making your floors a hazard and scuffing up your flooring. This is the last thing offices need, as businesses try to make a good impression to all who enter. Having logo mats at the front of each entrance, both before a person enters the building and right after he or she passes through the door, can help stop dirt, snow and water in its tracks, keeping your floors cleaner.

You also want to be cognizant of the chemicals you use to keep floors clean. According to Better Homes and Garden, non-abrasive all-purpose cleaners can do the trick, or even a mild acidic cleaner. This can help you polish the office tile floors but not overwhelm your coworkers with the strong smell of some of the industrial cleaners on the market.

Staples reports that ignoring proper floor care can do more damage in the long run. Without clean floors, businesses run the risk of injuring passersby, which can lead to a costly claim. Additionally, poor cleanliness can bring about health problems and low morale. You want to make a strong impression, and keeping the entryways clean is the first step. Show employees and visitors that you care about appearances.

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2 Responses to Keeping clean office floors during the winter

  1. Thanks for the interesting post! I agree with everything mentioned above, plus those tips are very helpful in order to keep your office clean. Great article!

  2. Winter is my favorite season. However, I’m not fond of how easy it is to track in moisture. It’s so messy. I like the idea of using mats with your company logo at the doorway. It might even help to invest in floor scrubbers since don’t always prevent messy floors.

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