Making a great first impression in the office

Your entryway is everything to your office building. It’s the first thing people see when they walk through the doors, so you want to make it as engaging as possible.

Start with a logo mat outside, right before the doors. This will greet people with your business and help avoid any confusion that they’re in the wrong area. Have another logo mat on the inside to wipe off any residue left on by shoes.

Paint your lobby either the colors of your company logo, or stick to having neutral walls with the company logo above the welcome desk. You’ll want to make the lobby smell as fresh as possible, so indoor plants and flowers are a recommended addition. Plants not only add a bit of vibrant color, but also benefit anyone waiting or the receptionist, because they provide clean air.

Be sure to have a water or coffee machine located in the lobby if you don’t have a receptionist. This is so your guests can serve themselves while they wait if there isn’t someone to greet them. It adds a bit of hospitality to the corporate environment. Also leave reading materials like magazines, newspapers or any company information for guests to browse while they wait.

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