Pay attention to detail when designing stairs

Stair design cannot be overlooked.

Stair design cannot be overlooked.

Building a new facility takes a lot of attention to detail. Managers need to plan everything out, ranging from wall height to color to carpeting. However, there are some designs that could be overlooked. If you’re dealing with a building that has multiple stories, stairs are necessary. But how do you go about designing stairs? Turns out, more goes into it than many can imagine.

According to Popular Mechanics, there are three major components to consider when designing a staircase: risers, stringers and treads. Risers are used to protect the stringers from excess wear and tear. Stringers are what holds the weight of the person climbing the stairs. They’re considered the height of the stair. Finally, treads are what the person directly steps on when climbing the stairs.

If you’re planning on making your stairs easy to walk on, think about the height of the stringers so they’re easy to climb. You’ll want to also think about the dangers on the stairs. In addition to having rubber treads on the stairs to help reduce the risk of accidents, Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association reports it’s required for all new buildings to have handrails that continue up the entire stairs with no gaps in between. Ensure all workers are using handrails whenever they take the stairs to avoid an accident.

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