Preventing falls in your restaurant with Waterhog mats

Waterhog mats can reduce falls.

Waterhog mats can reduce falls.

The restaurant setting is incredibly busy, and managers need to be able to keep the safety of their workers a priority. Waterhog mats are a great way to keep traction on the floors of a busy kitchen and restaurant area, potentially preventing falls. In any high-traffic environment, there’s always a chance of slipping due to excess moisture tracked onto the floor. However, with the right precautions you can keep everyone safe.

According to the National Restaurant Association, you as a manager should constantly be testing how safe the floors are. Frequently, they are spaces on the floor with the highest amount of traffic. Continuously do run-throughs to determine the areas that are most likely to be slippery and place mats on top of the area as a way to stop workers from slipping.

Additionally, the news provider suggests setting entrance mats as a first line of defense. This way, people can automatically reduce the residue on their feet as soon as they enter the establishment.

The National Institute of Health reports that falls are the leading cause of worker injuries within the restaurant industry. In an effort to decrease these instances, you’ll want to have specific shoe policies and keeping the floors clear as much as possible.

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