Reducing slips in your office

Bringing in mats that absorb water and moisture is an easy way to reduce slips in the workplace. Whenever there’s inclement weather or there’s a spill on the floor, employees and guests are in danger of falling. While it may seem like bad luck, workplace falls are actually a common occurrence and can lead to serious injury or even death. Managers must make safety a priority by reducing the instances of falling.

The Office of Compliance says there are different standards of governance when it comes to protecting workers against falls, but keeping floors dry, having handrails wherever there are stairs and keeping passageways clear should be the biggest priorities.

If using mats to curb the slips, managers need to make sure they stay in the right spot. The Texas State Office of Risk Management reports that trips can occur when mats are loose, catching on to people’s feet as they walk and causing a fall.

When choosing a mat for the entryway, managers need to look into absorption capabilities. Mats that can hold gallons of water are what’s needed in the entryway. Between people tracking in lots of water and rain and snow coming inside, the mat needs to be able to retain a lot of moisture and keep it from leaking onto the floor and causing a fall.

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