Working to prevent those winter falls

Stop weather in its tracks with mats.

Stop weather in its tracks with mats.

Winter is the primary season for falls, as people are left navigating the icy roads trying to make their way into buildings. Once they’re in, they also run the risk of slipping due to moisture being tracked in from the outside, causing a slippery surface on slick floors. In an effort to combat, this, companies can have logo welcome mats both outside the entrance and inside to lock up any access moisture.

People can also work on reducing their own fall risk this season. According to NewsMax Heatlh, there are a few strategies people can do to keep themselves safe while walking in the winter. Exercising one’s legs to keep them strong is a start, as it can increase your chances of getting back up should you suddenly fall. Additionally, take extra time and survey the area as you walk. Try to hold on to a railing if one is available, or ask someone for help if you feel unsafe.

The news provider also suggests buying shoes with the best traction for that winter weather, which can improve your chances of staying on your feet.

According to Travelers, you can help guests by making sure the pathway is properly lit, that you do floor maintenance and cleaning during the downtime and by placing slip resistant materials on surfaces that are especially problematic.

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