Are you actually protecting yourself from germs?

Are you as germ-free as you think you are?

Are you as germ-free as you think you are?

When you go into a hospital, you’re very aware of your surroundings. People battling infections, illnesses and other ailments are all around, and while hospitals take special precautions in making sure bacteria isn’t easily transferrable, like stocking up on antibacterial and using healthcare anti-fatigue mats, there are other things you can do for yourself. But what happens when your typical germ-free tactics aren’t exactly sound?

According to City Lab, even using the common germ-avoidance maneuvers may not guarantee that you’re able to keep yourself out of harm’s way. The news provider points out that bacteria can live on gloves, so it’s important not to touch your hands or face without washing them. Some people may also think that holding their breath after someone around them sneezes or coughs can keep them safe, but the source reports that if the sneeze or cough has already occurred, the bacteria is already out there.

Then there are the germs that you can’t avoid – your own. When you’re in the hospital, you may be unknowingly spreading your own bacteria to other people. According to CNN, bacteria can be passed down through DNA, meaning people can carry their own germs around with them for life, which could be putting other people you come into contact with at risk.

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