Be efficient with kitchen space, but keep safety in mind

Anti-fatigue mats in the kitchen provide added traction and comfort.

Standing on the anti-fatigue mats of the kitchen can be a lot for the staff alone. However, there’s also the problem with space. Depending on the restaurant, the kitchen space can be really tiny and people have to maneuver around each other in order to complete a meal. But some chefs may argue that there is more than enough room and as long as you are efficient with your space.

The Wall Street Journal reports that chefs are actually enjoying smaller spaces, and by just adjusting their cooking style and how they get things done, it’s actually a lot more efficient to reduce space. Moreover, the source reports if the kitchen is smaller, there is more room for tables, which help drive profits.

Of course, when working in such close quarters, communication is paramount. The Small Business Chronicle reports more accidents happen when the space is crowded and cluttered. Cooks could bump into each other and accidentally cause injury if they’re holding something hazardous. Of someone could accidentally trip the other and cause a spill. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open when working in a small space, saying things like “behind” or “walking past” or “hot food.”

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