Could fidgeting help when sitting at work?

Add anti-fatigue mats to your workplace to encourage standing.

There have been numerous studies about the danger of sitting for long periods of time during the work week. While anti fatigue mats can be used under standing desks to make standing comfortable, it’s inevitable that you’ll want to take a seat eventually. However, with all of the health issues related to sitting for long periods of time, what could be done to combat it?

The New York Times reports that fidgeting while sitting could actually count as physical activity and combat some of the maladies associated with sitting for long periods of time. Researchers looked at a group of people who stayed seated throughout the day but still fidgeted by moving and tapping one foot every few minutes while the other foot stayed sedentary. The news provider reports that after three hours of this exercise, the fidgeting leg had more blood flow than the sedentary leg.

There are other exercises you can do while sitting to keep the blood flowing. According to Prevention, sitting at the edge of your seat and flexing your foot while lifting one at a time can help open your hips and work thighs. Additionally, the frequent lifts serve as a nice stretch of the muscles that increases blood flow.

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  1. Stella Leon says:

    I have seen the fidgeting impact in my strategic planning and training workshops for years. It’s apparently good for general health too. On a personal note, I went through a period of extreme fidgeting during menopause and also lost 60 pounds without trying. The only cause I could find was the fidgeting. I mean, I was bouncing all the time and when the fidgeting stopped, I started to gain it back. Now it’s an effort to fidget in that way. It’s what I meant by needing to form a habit. I think it is also better to just stand up from your desk from time to time and take frequent trips to the bathroom or the water station (as long as it is allowed in your office). It also helps to shift your gaze from the computer monitor to a farther object. It helps with your eyes.

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