Could standing at work actually make you smarter?

Anti-fatigue mats keep you comfortable when standing on the job.

Have you ever felt your brain working at lightning speed when you’re on your feet? There are multiple benefits to standing at work, with researchers suggesting it can help you be more productive and also keep blood pressure down. More people are using anti-fatigue mats to help reduce the pressure to the joints and make it more comfortable to stand.

The New York Times reports that a new study suggests found that frequently sitting reduced the thickness of the medial temporal lobe, which is critical to the brain’s ability to learn and memorize things. In an effort to keep the brain in good condition, consider taking standing breaks at work throughout the day in an effort to keep the lobe thick.

The research studied a group of 35 people and found that those who sat longer throughout the day had the thinnest lobes, despite everyone in the group being in good health.

The initiative to increase standing at work is not new, as the National Institutes of Health refers to the initiative as “Stand More AT Work (SMArT).” The research suggests early intervention into sedentary behavior can help people realize the importance of taking standing breaks at work. With more research coming out showing the damage prolonged sitting does, more people are taking time to stretch their legs.

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