Government steps up the fight against bacterial resistance

Could germs fight back against preventative measures?

Could germs fight back against preventative measures?

In the healthcare world, there has been growing concern that germs will soon be resistant toward antibacterial methods like medicine, hand sanitizer and even an EPA registered anti-microbial additive. As germs grow to be more complex, it becomes increasingly difficult to fight them. This has may people on alert as they grow increasingly concerned about illnesses.

According to ABC News, the White House just announced a new plan to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria in an effort to prevent once-treatable diseases that could become deadly the more than they morph. Health organizations have warned previously that once simple illnesses have the potential to mutate into deadly diseases. As a result, the plan includes $1.2 billion going toward funding to study potential treatments. This would go toward improving current treatments and also developing new ways to fight illnesses.

This comes on the heels of a report by Business Insider, which found that many things people do to avoid germs may not actually work. In fact, WNEW reports that many myths, like holding one’s breath when someone coughs or using paper towels to grab door handles won’t actually stop people from coming into contact with bacteria. At most, people should try to use antibacterial gels whenever possible to reduce the spread of illness.

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