To improve patient satisfaction, hospitals look to make changes

Anti-fatigue mats can add to comfort.

Anti-fatigue mats can add to comfort.

Patient satisfaction is incredibly important in the healthcare industry. Scores are tied to some incentives under the American Affordable Care Act, and so hospital management is doing everything it can to ensure patients are satisfied during their stays. While there are some comfort additions, like healthcare anti-fatigue mats, can help improve the experience, many people still feel uncomfortable in a hospital setting.

In order to change this, some hospitals are turning attention to the one item that’s easily fixable and most patients hate – the hospital gown. According to U.S. News and World Report, hospitals are trying to improve their patient gowns so people can feel less vulnerable. Gowns are beginning to get makeovers thanks to some fashion programs, and hospitals are slowly beginning to roll them out to their patients.

The news provider reports this is all a part of improving the patient experience, and some hospitals noticed changes in patient satisfaction scores when they began rolling out the new gowns.

According to Healthcare Dive, the Cleveland Clinic started the trend in 2010 when it tapped Diane von Furstenberg to redesign its hospital gowns. This move came after the hospital’s CEO said he had heard multiple complaints from patients regarding having to wear the gown.

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