Increasing standing at work can help offset healthcare costs

Use an anti-fatigue mat under standing desks.

One of the most critical aspects of workplace culture is having satisfied workers. With many different working styles and personalities, it’s important for managers to offer flexibility that ensures a positive working experience for each employee. Variety in working options has increased, and standing desks have increasingly become a part of the workspace landscape.

ABC News reports that standing desks can be good for your bottom line, as a recent study found that having enough standing desks for 20 percent of the workforce could help save $84 million in healthcare costs. Because standing for longer periods of time helps combat obesity, people can also avoid all of the side effects that come as a result of the condition. As a result, they can help keep their healthcare bills down.

Entrepreneur reports that sitting up to eight hours a day has been tied to a higher premature mortality rate because of the high blood pressure and cholesterol it can cause. Managers will want to encourage more standing at work, and anti-fatigue mats can help with this, as they provide a cushion for the feet and joints, making it more comfortable for employees to take standing breaks throughout the day.

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