Keep comfortable, take time to relax during long hospital shifts

Rubber mats can ease the burden on the joints on long shifts.

Rubber mats can ease the burden on the joints on long shifts.

Working in a hospital can mean a lot of long hours on your feet. While there are things like anti-fatigue mats to help ease the stress to the joints, long hospital hours can do a lot to the body and medical professionals need to be able to take precautions to ensure that they aren’t harming their joints or their minds.

According to Medisave, 12-plus-hour shifts can be a lot for anyone, even those who were training on them throughout medical school. It’s important that medical professionals are up on their self care in an effort to survive these long shifts. For starters, because working in a hospital can be a stressful environment, it’s important to keep a routine like carving out time for something relaxing and making sure to keep a regular sleep schedule. This can help prevent the body from burning out from the long, stressful hours.

It’s important to avoid burnout as much as possible. According to research from the National Institutes of Health, the longer nurses are on staff at the hospital for a consecutive shift, the higher the level of burnout they experience, which ultimately raises the level of patient dissatisfaction. In an effort to make sure patients are treated with the best care possible, medical staff needs to take care of themselves as well.

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