Making your healthcare practice lobby hospitable and safe

In the healthcare field, it’s all about making a first impression. The lobby can say a lot about a practice. Typically, people are visiting a medical facility due to a malady, so it’s critical the common area is kept as clean as possible at all times to prevent the further spreading of germs.

First off, you want to have a strong traction mat when first entering the lobby. This will help prevent any falls due to outside moisture or mud being brought in from the outside. Mats are a great way to reduce the risk of further injury when entering the medical facility.

Healthcare Design Magazine reports that guests’ impressions when they enter a medical facility should begin with the lobby. One way to evoke certain emotions is by using visual images that not only brighten up the room but add a bit of personality. You want patients to feel safe and secure, not in a sterile environment.

According to Facility Care, the environment in which a patient is receiving treatment can have an effect on their overall evaluation. As patients become more aware of their surroundings, their ideas about treatment can be affected. It’s critical that healthcare facilities offer a safe environment to these patients.

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