Medical anti-fatigue mats can increase the comfort factor on the job

Provide comfort to your staff.

Provide comfort to your staff.

Working in the medical field means being on your feet most of the day. Whether it’s rushing to patient rooms, checking in patients at the front desk or constantly running for more tests, care providers need to spring into action at a moment’s notice. This can mean a lot of stress on the feet and legs. While many medics know to wear the proper footgear, they can still feel the strain. Medical anti-fatigue mats provide the rubber comfort professionals need to get optimal comfort.

The hard tile can wear down even the best shoes, but rubber anti-fatigue mats provide that little extra cushion that can provide the relief medical professionals are looking for. Being on one’s feet all day can get old quickly, and the constant aches can distract people from the job at hand.

However, it’s important that whatever mats are used that they don’t spread bacteria, a reason why you rarely see carpet in a medical setting. However, anti-fatigue mats made with an EPA registered anti-microbial additive prevent the spread of germs from happening. These mats are a great addition to any emergency room, lab or patient room, wherever a doctor or nurse may roam.

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