Why you need to focus on restaurant employee safety

Anti-fatigue mats can reduce injuries.

Anti-fatigue mats can reduce injuries.

Your restaurant employees go above and beyond for you frequently. You need to make sure they are taking the proper safety precautions while working in the kitchen. Laying down kitchen anti-fatigue mats are a great way to prevent slips and falls while working in a high-paced environment, but there are other safety measures you can take for your employees.

The restaurant industry is known for its dangers. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, restaurants rank highly among young employee injuries in the workforce. The organization reports slips, trips and falls are common among young workers, and accidents can frequently occur during cleanup time. Having anti-fatigue mats to help provide traction could reduce these instances.

According to QSR Magazine, having a successful workplace safety program should be a priority for all restaurant managers. These programs can train employees how to work in the kitchen, expose the cost benefits to workplace safety and show commitment to employees.

Additionally, managers will want to conduct regular inspections to ensure that employees are never in any danger and any lingering issues are fixed quickly. For example, if a manager notices one part of the floor gets a lot of traffic and is frequently slippery, they can use an anti-fatigue mat to reduce the chances of falling.

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