Nurses face lots of injuries on the job

Add an extra level of comfort to a difficult job.

Add an extra level of comfort to a difficult job.

Nurses have to stay on their feet the majority of their long work shift, which can be incredibly strenuous on the body. Using medical anti-fatigue mats are a great option for keeping nurses feeling comfortable during their long hours. The other benefit to these mats is they stop bacteria from spreading, which is a must in the medical industry.

However, there are other potential injuries that nurses face on the job. According to NPR, nurses on the job need to be able to physically lift patients around, frequently subjecting themselves to injuries. Patients who are too sick or injured to leave bed frequently need assistance, but some nurses are finding that these demands are too much for them to take on physically. As a result, many are stepping up to bring attention to some of the dangers they face.

This is not surprising. According to the American Journal of Critical Care, every day approximately 9,000 healthcare workers are faced with a disabling injury while performing work-related tasks. Some of the most common ailments include back injury and back pain. Additionally, the news provider points to statistics that show healthcare workers account for six out of the top 10 positions for back injury. Taking preventative steps to reduce these injuries should be a focus for healthcare managers.

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