Patients can now order their own medical tests

Patients could now be in charge of their testing.

Patients could now be in charge of their testing.

Stepping onto the anti-fatigue mat of your local care provider is an ordinary occurrence for many. Whether they are being seen by their physician, getting a CT-scan or even catching up on immunizations, people have to visit their local care providers for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, when conditions are on the serious side or doctors are trying to determine a cause, additional visits for testing is needed. Getting tests for a medical ailment is typically ordered by one’s physician, but that practice may start to change in one state.

In Arizona, patients who want to run their own medical tests will have the ability to order their own thanks to new legislation that’s set to take effect on July 3rd, according to the Yuma Sun. However, insurance companies will not be paying for the tests unless they come from doctor’s orders. The news provider is also quick to point out that this is no guarantee that patients would be able to understand what the results mean once they get them back.

According to AZ Central, the legislation allows for patients to get tests on their cholesterol and blood glucose levels checked. Those who support the legislation tell the news provider that it allows patients to be more in charge of their health.

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