Reducing the spread of germs in hospitals

Keep germs from spreading.

Keep germs from spreading.

A hospital always needs to be sterile in order to prevent the spread of infection. While maintenance crews can help, it’s critical to have materials that can help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. Our healthcare anti-fatigue mats can help with the issue, as they’re made with an EPA registered anti-microbial additive that can prevent bacteria from growing in the area. This is particularly important within the healthcare sector, as any bacteria can cause harm to the patient.

Doctors are also working to prevent the spread of germs within hospital walls. New research suggests that handshakes can spread twice as many germs as a high-five, and encourage physicians to try and reduce physical contact with patients as much as possible. If physical contact unavoidable, physicians should wash their hands at every chance they get, and use disinfectants to prevent the spread of any germs to other patients.

The National Institutes of Health also recommends having hand sanitizers in all available rooms so people can constantly disinfect. Having a cleaning crew working around the clock can also help prevent the spread of germs and inadvertently reduce the growth of illness and further infection that could require the rehospitalization of certain patients.

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