Sitting at work all day may not be beneficial to weight

Use anti-fatigue mats to make standing easier.

Use anti-fatigue mats to make standing easier.

Sitting in a chair all day at work has been studied as having negative health effects. However, employees are starting to notice a change in addition to doctors. Having things to help you stand at work, such as anti-fatigue mats that provide an extra layer of protection to the joints, can make it so you want to get out of your chair more and on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

According to Safety and Health Magazine, long periods of sitting down contributed to weight gain, a poll of workers reports. They feel as though their sedentary lifestyle, diet and other factors contributed to packing on the pounds while on the job.

Taking the time to assess your lifestyle and seeing what changes you can make to be healthier can go a long way. For starters, getting a standing desk and putting an anti-fatigue mat underneath it can not only ensure that you’re getting your stretching in, but you’re also helping blood flow. reports that people who spend the majority of their workdays sitting should try to work their way up to standing for a total of two hours during the day and getting a light amount of exercise. This can even mean getting up and going for a walk.

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