Standing and walking at work shows benefit to stress reduction, productivity

Use rubber mats to make it easier to stand.

Use rubber mats to make it easier to stand.

If you’re finding yourself getting a little sluggish at work, you may want to consider taking a stand. New research suggests that getting on your feet and either standing while on the job or taking a walk could help improve your overall productivity.

A new report out of the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, study participants who either stood while they worked or used a desk treadmill not only were more productive but also reduced their overall stress levels. While you may not be able to get your hands on a desk treadmill, there are other ways you can incorporate the learnings into your own work routine.

If you want to ease the pressure on joints while on the job, placing an anti-fatigue mat under your desk can do wonders. Because office floors are typically tile, wood, or cement, it can take a toll on your joints when standing for long periods. However, adding the extra cushion of the rubber mat can help soften the burden.

Additionally, The New York Times suggests taking 5 minute breaks to take a walk during the workday can help you increase your attention span as well as better your mood. Taking the time to stretch your legs and rest your eyes can have a positive effect.

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