Standing desks can help your health and your career

Anti-fatigue mats can help ease the burden of standing at your desk.

Anti-fatigue mats can help ease the burden of standing at your desk.

Standing during the workday could not only benefit your health, but you could even improve your career. However, using standing desks means you have long hours on your feet, so placing anti-fatigue mats on the floor can help ease the burden standing has on the joints.

According to Forbes, having a standing desk could actually benefit one’s career because it allows you to socialize with your coworkers. The news provider reports that having standing desks allow for companies to adopt a more social and friendly culture; one where employees are encouraged to bounce ideas off one another.

It could also help you make it through the workday efficiently. The news provider points to a study that suggested workers who had a standing desk option were 46 percent more productive than those who had a traditional sitting desk setup.

The Huffington Post reports in an effort to reduce the stress on your joints that can come with a standing desk, you’ll want to place a mat below it. The news source also suggests wearing shoes with good traction to avoid any mishaps while you’re standing on the job. The news provider also suggests taking sitting breaks during times when you need to be really productive.

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