Standing up at work is the latest trend in a healthy lifestyle

Anti-fatigue mats can provide comfort while standing on the job.

Anti-fatigue mats can provide comfort while standing on the job.

Standing at work is all the rage in offices across the country. Anti-fatigue mats are a great way to encourage people to get on their feet, because they provide an extra cushion against the floor, easing the burden on joints when standing for a while.

According to The Guardian, standing up at work is the latest trend as people look to combat the health issues that can come as a result of sedentary lifestyle. The news provider reports some of the maladies sitting at work all day has led to include a slower metabolism, lower cardiovascular health and other maladies.

The news provider reports even if you’re unable to stand for most of the day at work, getting a break is helpful.

However, some employees may struggle with trying to fit a break into their routines. The Small Business Chronicle suggests trying to break your day into sessions, such as grouping together meetings, scheduling a specific timeslot to catch up on email and other tasks you may need to do throughout the day. This can be easier to highlight the gaps in your schedule that could allow you to take a much needed break and stretch your legs.

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