Stay healthy and get on your feet at work

Stay on your feet and comfortable with anti-fatigue mats.

If you find yourself sitting on the job, you could suddenly experience a wave of tiredness. Being sedentary through most of the day could cause you to get a little too comfortable, resulting in feelings of lethargy. You have to keep the blood flowing throughout the day, and one way to do so is to invest in some anti-fatigue mats to make it more comfortable to spend more time on your feet as you work.

Several offices have adopted standing desks as a way to encourage people to get on their feet and get their blood flowing. This can help people stay more alert while on the job and also improve overall health.

Not only will it help blood flow, it could also pump your brain with energy. According to Forbes, standing at work can help improve focus and energy, allowing you to zero in at the task at hand and get it done efficiently.

In addition to having an anti-fatigue mat, there are stretches you can do at a standing desk to stay comfortable. Life Hacker suggests balancing on one leg while stretching your quad in the other. This can help you stay limber even when you’re on your feet for a while.

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