Stay on your feet to help your health

Anti-fatigue mats make standing easier.

When you’re thinking about taking a new job, do you ever consider the health implications? Whether you spend your day standing on an anti fatigue or sitting at a desk and staring at a computer, it could have an impact on your health. There have been varying studies over which is better, and while it’s important to make sure you break up your day, there may be some more positives in standing.

Men’s Journal reports that a study done on postal workers, who either sat in an office all day or were out delivering mail, found that those who stayed on their feet had a smaller waist circumference. Additionally, those who were sitting on the job found that their risk of cardiovascular disease was half a percent higher over a 10-year frame. The news provider reports that after five hours, every additional hour you sit could increase your waistline by nearly an inch over time.

However, it’s important to take breaks of both standing and sitting. Fortune reports that standing for more than two hours at a time can cause discomfort all over the body, which in turn could create other issues, like not being able to focus on the task at hand and becoming less productive.

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