Stay safe from spills when working in a restaurant

Keep mats around to prevent falling in your restaurant.

The restaurant industry is one of the most fast-paced working environments. When there isn’t a seat to be had, kitchen workers and wait staff alike are running around trying to serve customers efficiently. However, when so many people are moving around, frequently with sharp objects or hot food, there could be an increased risk for unintended injury.

Slips are one of the most common reasons people injure themselves while on the job. In the kitchen, or even out on the restaurant floor, if something falls, the added foot traffic can make it a slipping hazard. EHS Today reports that some of the most common reasons for falls in the restaurant business is due to grease, drinks, heavy foot traffic and not having slip-resistant shoes. It’s a good idea for management to recommend shoes that have good grips and are close-toed to prevent any foot injuries should something spill.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires there to be wet floor signs in restaurants to warn people of slipping hazards. However, particularly in the kitchen, it’s also a good idea to have anti-fatigue mats, which provide added traction to the floor, making it easier for people to maintain their balance even if something spills.

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