Supermarkets can be a guide for food safety practices in restaurants

Safety practices extend beyond the kitchen.

Safety practices extend beyond the kitchen.

Safety is one of the biggest aspects to pay attention to in the restaurant industry. Whether it’s installing rubber mats to improve the safety of those working in the kitchen, or ensuring all employees wash their hands to avoid the spreading of germs, restaurant managers keep safety a top priority.

Even when managers feel at the top of their game for safety, there is always room for improvement. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, restaurants can learn about the food safety practices of supermarkets in order to improve their own protocols.

Food recalls are something that happen frequently yet could completely affect a restaurant’s bottom line. The news provider reports because supermarkets have to deal with it much more frequently, they have better systems in place. The news provider reports that supermarkets have technology platforms that help them monitor SKUs of food affected and put plans in place to get the questionable products off the shelves as soon as possible.

In addition to dealing with recalls, restaurants should stay on top of a strict cleaning schedule. According to the National Restaurant Association, consistently cleaning all equipment that handles food can help keep bacteria away and also help avoid cross-contamination between food products.

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