Take time for stretching while on the clock

Anti-fatigue mats can help reduce pain.

Are you finding your muscles tightening up throughout the day? When you spend a lot of time in one position while at work, it’s easy for your body to cramp up. However, if you have a sitting desk job, you may want to bring in some anti-fatigue mats and take time throughout the day to stretch it out. Anti-fatigue mats are also great for under standing desks.

According to Safety and Health Magazine, taking the time to stretch can help relieve any muscle or joint pain. As the news provider points out, when you’re in the same position for most of the day, it’s easy for things to cramp up.

The news provider reports taking the time to stretch your limbs can be done even at your desk, stretching out your arms and hands while taking the time to do some neck and shoulder rolls can really help with comfort.

The Muse also suggests standing up near a wall or doorway and pressing your hand against it while turning your body the other way. This will help give you more of a full body stretch, which can be needed after a full day of sitting. Getting up to take a walk can also be helpful.

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