Try to combat workplace fatigue in all forms

Try to reduce the workplace fatigue any way you can.

Try to reduce the workplace fatigue any way you can.

Those who are working long hours may be putting their bodies in danger if they’re not getting enough sleep. Research has shown that no matter what shifts people are working, they need to make sure they’re getting enough rest or they could leave themselves open to workplace injury. Anti-fatigue mats can help ease the burden of long hours on your feet, but making sure the body is rested should be a priority. This doesn’t just mean physically.

According to Safety and Health Magazine, fatigue can crop up not only from working long hours, but also if a person feels burned out by his or her job. The news provider reports that fatigue can come from a mentality, and if workers are feeling like their days are too long or they’re in an unhealthy environment, it can take its toll. In addition to making physical modifications to workplace, such as placing anti-fatigue mats on the floor, employers may want to encourage a healthy work culture.

According to the National Institutes of Health, fatigue is growing as an increasing problem in the workplace due to demands of the job, long hours and overall culture. This can be brought on from a human, physical or environmental component.

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