Trying to combat foot pain at work? Try these tips

Use anti-fatigue mats to help with foot pain.

When you’re standing at work for most of the day, you may find that your feet may be feeling a little bit of pressure. There’s also pain associated with prolonged sitting, but it’s important for people to address their pain head on. One reason for the discomfort could be standing on a hard surface, which could lead to strain. Instead, consider getting an anti fatigue mat to help alleviate the pressure on your feet.

According to the Oakland Press, there are other ways you can combat foot pain if you’re finding yourself standing on the job. The news provider suggests sitting down and moving your toes around to help circulate blood flow. Sometimes, if you’ve been standing too long, it can reduce the blood flow to the feet, so it’s important to keep circulation going to avoid any potential problems.

Prevention also recommends alternating between running hot and cold water on top of your feet in the bathtub. The news provider says alternating every other minute has been a practice at European spas to help cure ailing feet. If you have a detachable shower head, that could be used instead of trying to hold your feet steady under the faucet while you balance on the edge.

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