Use exercises to combat the pain of standing long hours

Ease the joint pain with anti-fatigue mats.

Ease the joint pain with anti-fatigue mats.

When you’re standing on your legs all day at work, it can be trying on your joints. Despite your best efforts, such as using an anti-fatigue mat to reduce the pressure on your joints, there still could be times of discomfort, particularly if you’re standing for long periods.

That’s why it’s important to counteract the pain with different exercises. Staying active and doing certain stretches can help keep your joints healthy, no matter how long you’re on your feet for. According to, walking is a great way to stretch out your legs, get some exercise, and go easy on your joints. Every time your feet start to get tired or you need to work your muscles, give yourself a break and take a five minute walk.

Harvard Health Publications also reports that stretching can help improve overall joint flexibility. The news provider reports because stretching works the muscles and tendons rather than ligaments. The news provider reports it’s important to stretch the muscles as much as possible, because while you may be focused on your joints, tension in the muscles actually has a negative effect on the bone. Stretching your muscles can help your overall range of motion.

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