Working on one’s feet all day can cause pain

Give an extra layer of foot support in the flooring.

Give an extra layer of foot support in the flooring.

Being on the job can mean spending a lot of time on your feet. Employees who find themselves on their feet constantly get the benefit of being active during the workday, but that can still take a physical toll on your joints.

According to Healthline, working on the feet all day can lead to a lot of aches and pains and has been attributed to about 2 million sick days each year. There are a lot of things workers can do if they’re experiencing pain in their lower bodies. For starters, comfortable footwear that fits properly is essential. The news provider reports shoes that provide good arch support can reduce overall soreness in the legs and feet.

There are also steps employers can take to ensure their workers get a break from the stresses of hard flooring. Using rubber treads on stairs can help provide a softer surface that puts less pressure on the lower extremities. For workers who have to climb stairs on a regular basis throughout the day, this surface provides a level of comfort and safety.

EHS Today reports that anti-fatigue mats, which can be made of rubber, vinyl and other materials, can also provide a level of comfort to the feet of the workforce.

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